Travelling around the world with her son on her shoulders: a very special mother -
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Travelling around the world with her…
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Travelling around the world with her son on her shoulders: a very special mother

January 16, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

There seems to be no limits to what a mother can do for the sake of her child. In this extraordinary story we are about to tell you, a mother was prepared to climb a mountain with her child on her shoulders, and travel around the world with her young one - all without ever losing sight of her son. This is the exciting , moving story of Niki Antram, a 43-year-old Australian mother who, for at least the last 20 years, has been traveling all over the world with her son Jimmy - a boy who is now 26 years old and who suffers from hypopituitarism.

Hypopituitarism is characterized by a failure of the pituitary hormones to function properly and can lead to short stature, intolerance of cold, infertility and a general "stunting" of growth. Because of his condition, Jimmy is 26 years old but he looks at least ten years younger. But despite his condition, his mother, Niki, has never been inconvenienced by her son's affliction. In fact, she has always guaranteed her son an adventurous life, literally carrying him on her shoulders (Jimmy is also blind and needs 24-hour assistance). Over the last twenty years together, the mother and son team have visited some of the most fascinating places in the world.

The couple always document their global adventures by posting their photos and videos to their Instagram page.

The woman gave birth to Jimmy when she was 17, and from that moment on she knew very well that her life would never be the same after the arrival of such a special baby. But despite the challenge, Niki never lost heart and she decided that she would lead a life of adventure, travelling around the world with her beloved Jimmy always by her side: "Even though I know we will be fine everywhere we go, I prefer to notify hotels, restaurants or any other place in advance to alert them to the fact that we are arriving and that we will need assistance 24 hours a day. I have sworn to give Jimmy an adventurous life, the most adventurous life possible. And most of the time, it is enough for him to expereince even the simplest of things - simple things are what he really loves most. "


Niki is an extraordinary mother who has never given up despite Jimmy's diagnosis and who she has promised to make him experience an equally extraordinary life. And even if Jimmy is blind, and will not be able to enjoy the infinity of colors that characterize the world around him as he spins around on his mother's shoulders, Niki says: "Sometimes I wonder how I can be sad when I look at my Jimmy, who has never seen colors, clouds or rainbows. And despite his handicaps, he sits there with his extraordinary smile on his face. "

You can follow Niki and Jimmy's adventures around the globe on their Instagram page which is managed by the Niki.

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