An entrepreneur finds his employee in tears and helps her: his act of kindness goes viral

Mark Bennett

January 22, 2022

An entrepreneur finds his employee in tears and helps her: his act of kindness goes viral

Our lives are not as glamerous as advertising wants to make us believe. Often those with families find themselves having to fight challenges on many fronts: making ends meet economically, managing the psychological issues of a family, alleviating the suffering of the sick and being good employees. All this, at times, becomes a very heavy burden to bear and can have a negative impact on one's nerves.

This is a story of what happened to an employee of a company in California. Her employer became aware of her plight after seeing her crying and did something completely unexpected to help her out...

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Bernie Reifkind saw one of his employees, early one morning, bent over her desk and in tears. He asked her what had happened and learned that the woman had not slept all night because she had been up tending to her sick son. After hearing her story, Bernie, an entrepreneur at a Los Angeles-based company, asked the woman what she was doing in the office. She replied that she had used up all her vacation time and did not want to book off as sick for what had happened.

Bernie then made a kind gesture that - in these times - can be considered an act of true altruism: he told her to go home and that she would be paid for the day anyway. Not only that, he signed a check and gave it to her so that he could help ease the financial pressure that was weighing on the woman's shoulders at the time.

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Bernie told this story online, describing the woman as an excellent employee and, as such, she deserved to be respected and helped. For other entrepreneurs and bosses, he added the following words of wisdom:

"Please understand that most people try to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, trying to make ends meet. Children, homework, spouses, other important people, older parents, mortgage payments, auto repairs, etc. Life can be relentlessness. People are concerned about keeping their jobs. Please reassure your hard-working employees and make them feel secure in their jobs as much as possible. Loyalty is a value that must be given in both directions ".

Too often, companies demand too many sacrifices from their employees. It is a comfort knowing that there are those who support the idea that even "bosses" must understand the value of their employees. And this philosophy is something that has been rewarded with thousands of views of the video and a flood of positive and supportive comments by network users.