Man helps penniless stranger in the…
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Man helps penniless stranger in the rain: 3 years later he hires her as a nurse for his parents

January 10, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

TunDe Hector was a woman who was out of gas, out of money and caught in heavy rain storm that showed no sign of stopping. Taking pity on her, Chris Wright felt the need to help the woman, either by giving her a lift in his car, or by giving her some money for gas. This was an act of pure kindness. Three years later, Chris met TunDe again by sheer chance and it turned out she would become the perfect nurse for Chris's sick mother .

This is a very beautiful story that did simply end at their brief encounter in the rain. Today, these two people have jointly organized fundraising campaigns to help other people in need.

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This story begins on a rainy Sunday on an American road. Chris Wright, a native of Georgia, was driving his family to church when he saw - in torrential rain - a woman walking along the side of the road with a gas can in her hand. He could not help but intervene to assist the woman. Knowing that the nearest gas station was a long way off, he dropped his family off at the church and went back to give the woman a lift.

Ms. TunDe Hector was having a very difficult time in her life. She was in the middle of a divorce, having financial problems, and when her car ran out of gas in the rain, she only had five dollars in her pocket. She was desperate. To get her car going, she had to walk to the nearest gas station to fill her gas can. When Wright approached and offered to help her, it was as if an angel had come down from heaven to help her.

"After leaving her at the gas station," Chris says today, "I heard the Lord say, 'Whatever you have in your pocket, give it to her. She needs it.' So, I went back and I gave her the $ 40 I had in my wallet. She cried with gratitude and I said goodbye, thinking I would never see her again. "

The story, however, does not end there. Three years after this chance encounter, Chris Wright's mother, Judy, began to suffer from complications from Parkinson's disease. Upon her being discharged from the hospital, Chris and his father decided they needed the support of a healthcare worker at their home to care for Judy.

Only those who have gone through this experience can understand how difficult it is to find a capable, honest and reliable caretaker. So, it is no wonder that Chris was concerned about finding the right person for this job.

Some time later, Chris's father called him after meeting a particular health assistant, who had come to their house quite unexpectedly. "There's a lady here," Chris's father said enthusiastically on the phone. He continued, "We absolutely have to hire because there's something special about her. I've been feeling better since she's been here with us and your mother loves her too." Hearing this, Chris hurried to meet the nurse and… he found himself face-to-face again with TunDe Hector, the woman he had helped on the side of the road three years earlier.

To tell the truth, they did not recognise each other immediately, but it was TunDe who made Chris remember that small, but very important act of kindness he done for her 3 years earlier. With his memory jogged, and suddenly remembering the moment, Chris couldn't help but cry with emotion.

These two people feel that they have been connected by a higher power. And it is precisely to honor this faith that they began to organize fundraising for various causes, all of which have been extremely successful.

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