Coronavirus: in Honduras, whoever violates curfew will spend their "punishment" doing community service -
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Coronavirus: in Honduras, whoever violates…
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Coronavirus: in Honduras, whoever violates curfew will spend their "punishment" doing community service

April 13, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

If the government has put certain restrictions in place, like mandatory quarantine, during the Coronavirus pandemic, it's for a good reason. Why is it, then, people are trying to find ways to get around these restrictions? If we are going to stop Covid-19 from spreading, it's important that everyone respects the rules. Obviously, not everyone can completely avoid leaving their house. Some people still have to work and everyone eventually needs groceries. What about those who leave their house for non-essential purposes, then? 

Many countries have already started punishing citizens, by either making them pay a fine or even serve time in jail. In Honduras, they've started making citizens do community service hours by cleaning up public streets. You can actually watch a video of it on Tocoa Esclusivas's (a local news outlet in Tocoa, Honduras) facebook page

The video shows several police officers surveying a group of men cleaning the streets in Puerto Cortés, a small town in Honduras. Instead of making the men pay a fine or making them spend time in jail, government officials thought it would be more effective to make them do community service. 

It might be a weird measure to take during an epidemic, but it saves taxpayers money and it teaches citizens how to be more responsible and respect the environment that they live in. Way to go, Honduras!  

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