She adopts a child and discovers that it was the son she had lost ten years earlier -
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She adopts a child and discovers that…
A couple live under the same roof with their respective children, but in two separate She turns 107 and reveals his long-life secret:

She adopts a child and discovers that it was the son she had lost ten years earlier

December 07, 2021 • By Alison Forde

One of the deepest fears a parent has is that not only of losing their child due to an accident or a misfortune, but of literally losing them due to an unfortunate distraction and never finding them again. An event that has happened to many parents all over the world, an event that generates in the father or mother of the lost or kidnapped child, a sense of personal guilt generated by the trauma of the loss itself. A very strong trauma that Gabriela Suarez felt for years and years, as a mother who thought she had lost her son forever ...

It all started for Gabriela Suarez one morning as she was accompaning her son Bernardo to school; at that time, the child was only three years old; then there was a second of distraction and Gabriela never saw her child again, he had completely disappeared; where could he have gone? In that tragic and heart breaking moment, the other mothers at the school also began to search far and wide, they issued lost child alerts, but to no result, over the years the searches did not lead to any result.

The woman was so obsessed with finding her son that she also began to work with associations that favored research and resolution of cases of infantile disappearance; this environment then allowed her to approach family homes where abandoned children or orphans are cared for, and it was there that she met a 13 year old boy named Tomas, a very sensitive teenager who was always aloof from others and preferred to draw rather than playing with others.

The woman immediately fell in love with the boy and so she decided to give him a home forever, adopting him into her heart and her family. Everything seemed to be going well between the adoptive mother and the son, until a childhood song that Tomas sang made Gabriela's blood freeze ...


That song the boy sang was the nursery rhyme she had invented for her Bernardo, how was it possible that he knew it? For the first time, Gabriela looked at the boy with different eyes: he had dark hair and brown eyes like her lost child, but after all, thousands of children had these physical characteristics!

Then, the woman did a DNA test on the boy and so she discovered the truth: Tomas was actually her long lost son Bernardo! They were both shocked, but she had to know the truth about who had stolen her child ten years ago when he was only three; the boy told her everything about how an unknown woman had taken him by the hand and brought him to her house, pretending to be his mother. The woman, she came to find out after a police investigation, had acted out of desperation after losing her only child in a car accident and she felt she could no longer live alone.

The "thief" was eventually convicted and found guilty of deprivation of liberty and kidnapping, while now Gabriela and Tomas live happily ever after as mother and son after a truly moving and amazing family reconciliation.

What an incredible story, don't you agree?



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