Accused of theft from the supermarket where she was shopping, she sues and becomes a millionaire -
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Accused of theft from the supermarket…
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Accused of theft from the supermarket where she was shopping, she sues and becomes a millionaire

December 07, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Have you ever experienced such a tragic situation at the beginning that then, for one reason or another, it turned into a real stroke of luck? Not everyone has the privilege in life of being able to turn their bad luck into good fortune, and instead this is exactly what happened to Lesleigh Nurse, a woman who lives in Alabama and who was wrongly accused; after demanding justice, she got her revenge on her and even became a millionaire!


Back in 2016 Leslegh Nurse was accused of shoplifting in a supermarket: due to a malfunction at the electronic checkout, she was blocked by the security guards in the store, who were convinced that the woman was trying to pull a fast one and leave the supermarket without paying for her shopping. Although Lesleigh tried to explain what happened, she was arrested and then released. Despite her bad experience, the woman's problems certainly did not end there.

Some time after her release, the American woman began receiving threats from a Florida law firm asking her to pay the $200 Walmart shopping bill or they would file a civil suit against her; she subsequently learned that Walmart itself was behind that legal case, and was trying in every way to make a profit even though the original case had been officially closed.


Lesleigh Nurse later discovered that she was by no means the only one experiencing these legal attacks from Walmart who were cowardly hiding behind the law firm, and so she decided to sue the American firm; a lawsuit that did the woman good, given that at the end of this absurd story, the Mobile County Court in Alabama awarded Lesleigh $2.1 million in compensation for the damage suffered. Suddenly, she had become a millionaire!

What do you think of this incredible story with a happy ending? Do you think Lesleigh was right to sue the supermarket chain?

If the reward for winning a $200 law suit is to pocket 2.1 million ... we think so!



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