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A couple live under the same roof with…
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A couple live under the same roof with their respective children, but in two separate "mini apartments"

December 08, 2021 • By Alison Forde

There are those who wonder whether sleeping in separate beds, for a couple, is a cure-all or the beginning of the end of the relationship, and those, on the other hand, go to live with their partner and children under the same roof ... but are still sleeping in separate rooms! Are you confused? To be honest, we are a little confused too. Let's try to clarify the point of view of Shelley Hunt, a 38-year-old mother of two who shares her house (and her life) with her partner Peter Verge. The woman shared a video on TikTok in which she showed her home: although they all live under one roof, of course, Shelley and Peter have two separate entrances to their suites. When we say "suite" we really mean independent mini apartments, which can be accessed simply by two doors placed one next to the other. Once the door is opened, however, you are entering into two different environments.

In short, they live together but "separately": could this be the key to happiness?

How do you come to make a decision like Shelley and Peter's? The two decided by mutual agreement that they wanted to live together but each in their own spaces, when, at the time, they had started going out together and were considering buying a house, and looking at the offers on the market. Shelley explained her situation back then: "I'd been through a lot, including a house fire and a divorce, as well as many other commutes and relocations, while hoping to settle down with my children. Our relationship was still in its early stages, so living together with five children didn't seem wise to us, neither for us nor for them."

Shelley's lounge:

Apparently in Canada, where this happy couple lives, compound houses with separate "suites" are very common and this allowed them to immediately throw themselves into a coexistence together. When they found the advertisement for the house they now live in, Shelley said to herself: "Two separate families could live in this house" ... and so they do! Pete lives with his children and Shelley's with hers ... in the same house! Obviously they find themselves spending some time together, even if each of them has their own "main family nucleus". Furthermore, when they made an offer to buy the house, it emerged that they would certainly have paid more if they had bought a house each.

From the video that Shelley posted on TikTok, you can clearly see the arrangement of their home: each suite has its own kitchen and living room; Shelley has two bedrooms and a bathroom, while Peter has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The only shared space is a corridor and a laundry room. Shelley pointed out that she and Peter are completely separate when they spend time with their children, unless they do a planned activity together, like a game night or dinner all together twice a week.



Peter's lounge:

In short, the two stay together but manage their children separately, as well as their respective mini-apartments. Needless to say: the two also have separate financial arrangements.

What do you think of this very special solution to the challenges of blended family living? Let us know in the comments


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