She paints the same birthmark on her…
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She paints the same birthmark on her face as her son was born with so as not to make him feel excluded and bullied

December 02, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Being a mother is not just about giving birth to a child and making sure they never want for anything; a parent must also have the ability to teach, socialize their child and to make them understand that, despite the fact that life goes on and there are thousands of difficulties, they should always feel accepted, sure of themselves and grow an iron self-esteem. In fact, if a young child is targeted by his peers or bullied, the psychological trauma can be truly devastating in the years to come ...

Something that in a certain sense Carolina Giraldelli, a social influencer who is widely followed on Instagram, knows very well; the woman received a lot of virtual applause and a lot of support from her followers online when she told through her photographs and stories about the rare condition her son Enzo Giraldelli was born with; a very unusual birthmark on his face that also covers part of his nose and especially his forehead. A genetic trait that has led over time to make the little one the object of prying eyes full of pity, contempt and fear: "It is not easy for my husband or for me, we try to behave as if nothing had happened and we always show our son as he is, without feeling uncomfortable about this physical characteristic." 

Precisely because Carolina and her husband want to make little Enzo feel like a child who is always accepted by others exactly for what he is and who has absolutely nothing different or less, one day they decided to make a truly surprising and symbolic gesture. Mamma Carolina turned to a professional make-up artist and got a birthmark that covered part of her forehead and nose, just like the one with which her son Enzo was born. 


The woman said that when she went to work everyone looked at her in a very strange way when she had the replica birthmark on her face, which was so similar to little Enzo's; but Carolina didn't care at all that other people looked at her suspiciously, curiously or even with fear; she knew perfectly well that there was absolutely nothing wrong with being born with a birthmark like Enzo's, and that wearing this makeup on her face was one of the most courageous and supportive gestures that mother Carolina could make to make her son Enzo feel accepted by the rest of the world. 

There is nothing a mother wouldn't do for her child, and certainly the story of Carolina Giraldelli and her cute little Enzo only reminds us of this once again! 


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