A man is widowed but continues to take care of his wife's Christmas star: after 20 years it has grown enormously (+ VIDEO) - WTVideo.com
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A man is widowed but continues to take…
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A man is widowed but continues to take care of his wife's Christmas star: after 20 years it has grown enormously (+ VIDEO)

November 26, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The holiday season is the time of year when poinsettias start appearing in people's homes. Wonderful plants with red flowers that cheer up this period, often brightening the mood of those who are living alone. The peculiarity of this plant, however, is its short duration: after just a few months it generally loses all its flowers and dies back. But Frankie Allison's poinsettia has been alive for nearly 20 years and has grown so much that it can make a good stand in for a Christmas tree! The story behind this plant is extremely moving and could almost convince us that, after all, small miracles really happen.

via: CBS News
Halifax man grows poinsettia for 19 years

Frankie Allison has been growing a poinsettia in his Halifax living room for 19 years – the same plant his wife brought home just three days before she died of a heart attack in 1996. Full story here http://www.cbc.ca/1.3389386

Pubblicato da CBC News su Martedì 5 gennaio 2016

During one Christmas 19 years ago, Frankie's wife, Maxine, won a poinsettia in a radio show competition. The woman took the plant, which was very small at the time, and brought it home to her house. Unfortunately, only three days later the woman suffered a heart attack which caused her death. Frankie suddenly found himself alone, without the love of his life, and a plant he didn't care about. In fact, he wanted to throw it away, at least that was his initial plan. But unexpectedly, that little plant started growing. Every day it grew more and more: it grew and grew and grew ...

Today that plant is unexpectedly still alive and has reached a considerable size. Frankie joked that if it keeps growing, he'll have to move house! For now, the poinsettia has taken the place of the traditional decorated Chrsitmas tree: Frankie hangs Christmas lights around its leaves every year, just like a Christmas tree.

The fact that the plant has lasted for so long, all these years, and that it has grown so much made us think of a true miracle. Frankie believes Maxine's spirit is what makes the plant grow so long and so strong, which is also why he feels it is a responsibility: he has to make sure that her plant survives.

As already mentioned, it looks like a "miraculous" plant because poinsettias notoriously never survive for very long. it is also true that these plants, if well cared for, can reach considerable dimensions. However, the story of Frankie and Maxine is so touching and sweet that we want to believe that Maxine really has a hand in the success of this beautiful plant. Frankie feels his wife still watching him from up there and protecting him, letting him feel her closeness through the plant which he waters twice a week.

A moving story to say the least!


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