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A young man finally finds his homeless…
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A young man finally finds his homeless father on Christmas Day: he hadn't seen him for more than 10 years

January 16, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Nowadays, there are many children and young people who witness the end of their parents' marriage. The resulting consequences for a teenager are not trivial: growing up without a father or mother figure can have a significant impact on a young person's life. Jason Kelly hadn't seen his father in over 10 years - more precisely, since his parents separated. The man had fallen into sleeping on the street after breaking up with his wife, effectively becoming homeless. Jason, however, now 23, has never given up, and had continued to search for his father David until the very end. 2020 was the year in which a little "miracle" happened: on Christmas Eve, Jason was able to finally retrace his father.

Jason only had an old photo of his father available and started to share it as much as possible in some online groups in his area. After several attempts, a contact finally wrote to Jason that he had recognized a man who appeared to match his father's description and photo. The man, apparently, after spending many years on the street, had been living for 5 years in a house with some other people.

On Christmas Eve, Jason went to his father's supposed home, where a woman in her seventies opened the door for him. The old lady confirmed that his father lived at that address but that, at that moment, he wasn't at home. Jason would have to wait for him to return.


Jason posted this old photo of his father on the internet to try and track him down

A few moments later, David appeared at his home, returning from his morning jog. The boy could not believe his eyes: it was really his father in flesh and blood! Jason started introducing himself and talking to the man, but at those words David evidently felt such shocking emotion that he started to run away in the opposite direction. Jason ran after him, yelling his name and yelling, "Dad! Dad, it's me!" Eventually, David recognized him and began asking his son about his family. Now that they have met, they are unlikely to separate again! Jason can't wait to help his dad get back on track by offering him all the support he needs.

To round off 2020, Jason wanted to spend Christmas part time with his mother and part time with his father David, to whom he brought some leftover food from his Christmas dinner and a mobile phone as a Christmas gift. Now, the two have no more excuses for not keeping in touch!



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