They take their children to the restaurant and a stranger leaves them a note to compliment their child rearing -
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They take their children to the restaurant…
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They take their children to the restaurant and a stranger leaves them a note to compliment their child rearing

December 08, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Having a child changes your life. It's an expression that we often hear from new parents, who are enthusiastic, but at the same time overwhelmed by the newcomer to the family. In this phase of life, changes that have occurred since becoming a parent are often noted, identifying a "before" and an "after". In short, raising children is not easy, just as it is not easy to rear them correctly. Still, Ryan and Maggie, parents of five beautiful children, received a wonderful surprise when they left the restaurant they were dining at. A note from a stranger who complimented them on how well brought up their children were ...

Ryan and Maggie are a happily married American couple and parents of five beautiful children. Since they are a family of seven, they have had to adapt to the new challenges that daily life places in front of them. Sometimes, in fact, it's not easy for a large family to organize an evening out to go to a restaurant. At times, in fact, being a big family, even just the car journey to get to your destination can be a challenge. However, organization is not lacking in Ryan and Maggie's family. After years and years of continuous testing and improvement, they have learned perfectly how to manage their large family even in the most tricky movements.

For this reason, behaving well at the dinner table is child's play for this happy family. For this reason, when they went to Rico's Hacienda, with five children between the ages of 4 and 14, the managers of the venue (as well as the customers) were concerned that things could get a little turbulent as they were such a big group.


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One customer, in particular, was so struck by the behavior of the Bokorst family that he even decided to leave a note at the cashier to congratulate the two parents: "I asked for the bill and the waiter, in addition to bringing me the receipt, handed me a second piece of paper. Initially I wasn't sure what it was, so I decided to open it. Once I read it, I remember being speechless," Ryan said.

The note read, “Sir, I was very impressed with your family tonight. I can see that your children are polite and courteous and it is, in part, also thanks to you. You two should be proud of yourselves as parents. You both did a great job. It's my pleasure to offer you dinner tonight. Your family is truly a breath of fresh air and it has done me good to dine in your company. I wish you a good life and may God always protect you”.



A gesture that could not go unnoticed. So, Ryan and Maggie asked the waiter who this benefactor was so that they could personally thank him. However, the man had already left the restaurant and the letter had not been signed.

So, even if the man's identity will forever remain a mystery, what is certain is that the Bokorst family will never forget that moment. In fact, dad Ryan and mom Maggie took the opportunity to teach their children another very important lesson: you are never too young to have a positive impact on the world around you!



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