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10 month old baby learns to swim and…
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10 month old baby learns to swim and makes friends for life with instructor: the sweetest photo ever

December 01, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Whoever finds a friend finds a treasure and this cute 10-month-old baby knows it well. In fact, Lucas has recently discovered water and socializing, since being born in the middle of the pandemic, he was unable to socialize very much with his peers and with people in general. But when his mom, Tracey, decided to take him to the pool for some swimming lessons, Lucas was fascinated by his new instructor. From then on, going to the pool meant meeting his new instructor friend again. So, excited by the little boy's enthusiasm for swimming, Tracey filmed the two playing in the water. The images will warm your heart ...

Not all children like to go to the pool, yet little Lucas seems to be thrilled every time he wears his swimsuit and arm bands. This is because his instructor and his new best friend are waiting for him in the water.

It all started when the new mother, Tracey Martorana, started taking her 3-month-old baby to swimming lessons. Like any new experience, Tracey wasn't sure what to expect. It must be said that in addition to the first visit to the pool, little Lucas also meeting with people outside the family for the first time, having been born in the middle of a pandemic.

image: Facebook

Soon, however, the mother had an incredible surprise. After only a few lessons, the newborn was thrilled with his new sport! However, Lucas didn't seem to be attracted to water, so much as his swimming instructor Carlson Roger, recently hired by Saf-T-Swim in New York City, with whom he seemed to have particularly connected.

"As a baby born in the middle of a pandemic, our circle of relationships outside the family has shrunk dramatically," Tracey said. “The only people he knows are his grandparents, close relatives and then… Carlson, his swimming instructor. Given their bond, Carlson is now part of our circle of closest friends."


Now 10 months old, Lucas is exclusively taking private lessons with his new best friend. These inseparable friends seem to have found their perfect balance. If Lucas starts crying, for example, Carlson has no problem picking him up and soothing him in the water. Other times, however, Lucas seems to want to have his own space and Carlson always manages to understand his every need. A unique friendship seems to have been born between the two, and the lessons take place in perfect harmony between laughter, swimming and lots of dives!

Since their friendship seems to be so special, Lucas's mom didn't hesitate to share the two most touching moments with the world and in the blink of an eye they were on the screens of millions of users, thrilled by that beautiful ageless friendship. In one of these videos, you can see all the sweet feelings which arise between the two friends. At one point, little Lucas seems a little too sleepy to continue swimming. So, softly, he rests his head on Carlson's shoulder who cuddles him immediately. An extremely sweet scene that is certainly not seen every day ...

We, like millions of online users, are fascinated by this new friendship and hope it will last as long as possible as little Lucas grows up!


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