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A girl runs to hug her older siblings…
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A girl runs to hug her older siblings returning from school: she wasn't used to not seeing them for so long

September 20, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Sometimes, what is needed in life is simply a big dose of joy and goodness, ready to uplift our spirits. And that is why the short video, in which a little girl of a few months runs to meet her three siblings who have just returned from school, went viral in a short time. It would seem a trivial video, were it not for the story behind it and that unites us all from the moment we were affected by Covid-19. For many of us, the advent of Covid-19 has meant a change in habits and social relationships, while for others, especially for the little ones, it has meant "normality". The child in the video was used to seeing her siblings every day, at home, precisely because of Covid. Now, she can't help but rejoice as if she hasn't seen them in months, every time they come home from school.

Little Emelia "Emmy" Muddamalle couldn't wait to hug her three older brothers, 10-year-old Liam, 8-year-old Levi and 6-year-old Lucas, at the end of the day. The main reason is that Emelia, as well as other children born during the pandemic, have always experienced lockdown and all the consequences that derived from it, both positive and negative. In her case, it was really normal to be constantly surrounded by her three brothers at home, so much so that the bond that has been created between them is definitely very strong. Imagine then, suddenly, when the child has not seen them at home all day, due to the reopening of the schools.

For a child, this is a significant change. And here, at this point, the video of the little girl running happily towards her brothers takes on another meaning and we all understand her joy even more.

Emelia's mother, Brittany Muddamalle, commented on her daughter's situation with these words: "She has never seen her brothers stay out of the house for so long, as if they were gone. This is the first time. She wakes up after her nap and  probably thinks, 'Where have my brothers gone?' and she looks for them around the house, all day."

Emelia's brothers are also delighted to see her again, as the joy of returning home and being with her again is absolutely a shared feeling.

If you have had a bad day, these children and their laughter will surely warm your heart and improve your evening!


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