At 19 he manages to buy his first house and encourages today's young people: "You can do it too!" -
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At 19 he manages to buy his first house…
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At 19 he manages to buy his first house and encourages today's young people: "You can do it too!"

September 21, 2021 • By Alison Forde

It's not easy for today's young people to build a solid and stable future; we are living in a period of great economic crisis where the certainties of dreaming or even just obtaining a stable job are increasingly fragile, and the future on the horizon for the new generation never appears rosy. Young people today know perfectly well that they are walking on uneven ground, and making the right choice to secure a decent future is never easy; but this young man, now 22, seems to have found the solution to his problems, and to those of an entire generation.

via: Lancs Live

His name is Josh Parrott, he is a 22 year old English guy who, incredibly, at the age of 19 was already the owner of a house he bought for the "modest" sum of 115,000 pounds: how did he do it? Very simply, to tell the truth. Josh has always worked hard while attending school, thus setting aside a hefty sum for himself and to secure a future income; at 19 he bought his first house, but he did not go to live there, on the contrary he decided to rent it, so as to ensure further income to buy another one. And so it was.

At the age of 22 Josh Parrott bought a second property at the price of £140,000, but even then he had no intention of moving there, preferring to live with his parents, at least for the moment.

image: Lancs Live

It also seems that Josh has no intention of finishing here with the purchase of new homes: he wants to get to 30 with 10 houses of his own, rent nine and leave one free where he will finally go to live once he decides to "abandon" his parents and start a family of his own. After all, as this British guy from Stockport, Great Manchester said, it's all a matter of personal choice that any person of his age can put into practice: "There is no reason my peers can't buy houses at their age. You just have to get over the mentality that some things can't be done by a certain age. I saved a lot, meaning I just didn't waste money on going out and I avoided buying excess clothes or trivial things that I wouldn't need. All of my friends think I'm too boring!"

In short, Josh prefers to make an extra sacrifice now when he's young rather than doing it when he's a mature man; all in all, who can blame him?



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