Dad refuses to change son's diaper during the night because "he needs his 8 hours of sleep" -
Dad refuses to change son's diaper during…
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Dad refuses to change son's diaper during the night because "he needs his 8 hours of sleep"

September 16, 2021 • By Alison Forde

We all need some space and rest, physical and mental relaxation is one of the most effective balms to make our daily life a little less stressful. Imagine the new parents of a boy or girl who, shortly after experiencing an extraordinary moment of joy and happiness after the birth of the baby, find themselves missing those moments in the past when they had time all to themselves. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have mental relaxation to disconnect from a difficult life, but when you are a mother or a father the situation is slightly different ...

On Reddit, an anonymous dad recounted his unusual experience with the birth of his first child just five weeks before the publication; the man says that the baby had always been fed natural milk from his mother's breast and that it was his wife who took care of feeding him even during the night; until, however, he too was forcefully woken up during the night hours, complaining that he couldn't get enough rest:

"My partner and I have a five week old baby who has been exclusively breastfed. He wakes up three or four times a night to get milk for 20-40 minutes at a time. My idea is that my wife is already awake to breastfeed, so she should do diaper changes as well. I offered to do half of the diaper changes, but that's not enough for her.

My partner thinks I should be doing all night diaper changes since she's breastfeeding. Her contention is that since she breastfeeds day and night, that's right. She says she needs time to go to the bathroom, drink water, etc. while I change the diaper. From her point of view, I am often grouchy, I need to be asked several times to get up and sometimes I argue as to whether our child needs to be changed."

But it doesn't end there: "Relevant information: we are now both on parental leave and when I return to work in the construction field I need 8 hours of sleep, but she'll be on vacation for the next 18 months. We go to bed at 9 pm and I get up with our dogs at 6:00 and she gets up with the baby an hour or two later. Am I the bad one? What do you think? "

The position of this anonymous father has inflamed many opinions on the web: those who sided with him and those who could not help but take the part of the mother of the five-week-old baby: what do you think?


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