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He gives three bags full of clothes…
They buy a porcelain bowl at a flea market for $3 and then discover it's worth $2 million

He gives three bags full of clothes to a bullied classmate - he had no money to buy new clothes

September 14, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Bullying is truly one of the most terrible plagues afflicting our society; the older generations, but also the new one, seem not to be completely exempt. Usually, bullying against the weakest people takes place within the school walls, or in peer groups where members who apparently seem more "strong or dominant" tend to subjugate those who appear more fragile, on the margins of sociality. This story that started from a repeated act of bullying will warm your heart for the happy ending that one boy managed to create ...

The protagonist of this story is called Brayden, and he had long noticed that a classmate of his, of whom he was not particularly fond, was continually derided by his peers for the fact that he always wore the same two or three items of clothing, without ever changing them. Obviously, the boy came from a very poor family who could not afford to buy new clothes for the student who attended this middle school.

But Brayden, who felt for his classmate, knew exactly what to do: "He is one of my friends, but we are not very close; he has been bullied for a long time and is being beaten weekly and all this is heartbreaking because there is nothing he can do about it. It has to do with economic issues, unfortunately. I remember last year he only had 2 outfits because he didn't have the money to buy new clothes ..."


The boy could no longer bear to see his peers treated the boy in financial distress like that, he knew he absolutely had to do something for him: "People knew what he was going through, but he was still constantly bullied and targeted. I don't want to delve into it, but he's a sweet guy and I just wanted him to know that people care for him and that I know his pain and I want him to feel welcomed."

So, one day Brayden invited the bullied boy to a room next to their home room and gave him a gift he would never forget: a backpack and two bags full of new clothes!



After the scene of Brayden's act of kindness aired online, complete with a final hug, many people took to heart the situation of the bullied boy (who wished to remain anonymous) and his family's financial distress, and so a fundraiser was started that brought in 7000 dollars to be allocated exclusively to Brayden's classmate and his family.

This boy's gesture was very extraordinary, and we hope that he can be taken as a model of empathy and kindness towards those who are less fortunate than us; a hand extended as a sign of help can sometimes do so much!

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