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A child refuses to go to school if he…
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A child refuses to go to school if he can't wear designer clothes: mom spends more than £2000 on his wardrobe

September 09, 2021 • By Alison Forde

"Only designer clothes, thank you!" this is the requirement from a 10-year-old English child who refuses to attend classes if he cannot attend them dressed in high fashion clothes. A behavior that led the mother to spend very large sums - over 2000 pounds - just to get her son to participate in class life.

Of course, the days when in elementary school people used to wear shorts and a white shirt are long gone. Those uniforms looked so sad! Yet, today, advertising-conditioned children have begun to play the costly role of compulsive shopping victims well.

via: Metro

Doris Russel is a young English mother from Winborne, where her son Charlie is in the last grade of elementary school. But the cost of books is not the problem that haunts this mother. Rather it is the behavior of a child who refuses to participate in class life if he doesn't wear designer clothes. Charlie doesn't leave the house if he isn't wear Tommy Hilfiger or Calvin Klein, his pants can only be Adidas, his t-shirts Nike. Without considering tennis shoes, which must be in line with the rest of the clothing.

Underpants and socks can't be cheap either, but they have to respect the hard canons of luxury brands.

“If you also consider the backpack”, his mother said in despair “Every time my son goes out, he wears clothes that cost over 700 dollars. Not to mention the cell phone and winter jackets. I'm lucky my other son likes Primark and doesn't care what he's wearing. It's a huge relief."

For sure, Charlie didn't develop this expensive obsession on his own. His participation in numerous beauty pageants has spurred him to over value his outward appearance and become an expert on clothing brands. Certainly, however, his mother would never have imagined that the result of this conditioning would be so strong. The child now feels inadequate when he doesn't wear the most expensive clothes.


On the net, internet users have split into two groups. The most vocal group is made up of parents who complain about this impossible situation. In their opinion, the child should be reprimanded and brought back down to earth: at his age he should be educated in thrift, savings and respect for work.

But there is also a second group of people who believe that this is the new reality of childhood today and that it is necessary to know how to adapt to the needs of the new generation. A debate on the edge of the absurd ... Which side are you on? Write to us in the comments!



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