Mom goes for a run and leaves her small child alone at home: her husband calls her "irresponsible" -
Mom goes for a run and leaves her small…
She forces her daughter's friends to wear a seat belt in the car but ends up arguing with her mother

Mom goes for a run and leaves her small child alone at home: her husband calls her "irresponsible"

August 28, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When a child arrives in the family, we know that there will also be a lot of upheavals in everyday life for mom and dad. Of course, the freedom they had before to do things and carving out time just for themselves will no longer be so simple, and many new parents, even if they don't always realize it, suffer a little because of this. In fact, there are mothers or fathers who can't wait to have time for themselves despite having a baby in the house; how to reconcile the two competing needs?

An American dad reported anonymously on Reddit that he had branded his wife as irresponsible for leaving the little one alone for a few hours while he slept, while she went out for a run in the neighborhood to let off the steam of accumulated stress. These were his words: “First, our son is just 1 year old, I came home from work and my wife had just returned from a run, at which point I noticed our son was sleeping in the back room. I asked for information, she got defensive and said “I never strayed too far from home!” I don't think it's safe, so I got mad at her, and the whole thing escalated into a fight in which I said what she did wasn't appropriate. Now she is angry with me, she thinks I'm an idiot who judges others and doesn't want to talk to me."

The husband went on to say, "I look after our son almost every night, and she is free to leave the house and do whatever. I constantly push her to hang out with friends and go for a coffee break while I watch our son. So, I give her countless opportunities to have a run away from home, but this was her choice.

All in all, she is an amazing mother. We are both beginners at this, but I never thought something like this could or would happen. And I certainly didn't think I'd be considered the bad guy. So thank you all for the questions and input. My wife and I will definitely have a discussion about this incident, as well as future conversations about what she needs to do to deal with her stress and what could have led to such a thing happening."

Certainly, a family situation that isn't easy to agree upon; what do you think about it?


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