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A girl offers dinner to a homeless woman,…
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A girl offers dinner to a homeless woman, surprising her father: a great example of generosity

September 29, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The video filmed by the surveillance camera in this fast food restaurant has gone viral because it shows us how children are capable of great empathy and generosity. In fact, the little protagonist in the video was waiting for her sandwich with her father. However, she realized that just beyond her, an elderly lady was watching her in silence with a sad and disconsolate air. So, without her father even realizing it, she decided to give her snack to the lady and keep her company during the meal. A gesture that surprised and greatly pleased the father who joined them, very proud of his daughter.

This is a simple video, filmed by a surveillance camera. The beauty lies right here: in the sweetness of this little girl's gesture, in that she offered her lunch to a lady standing near the store.

It is often easy to turn away and let other people deal with their own problems. Then, a little girl comes and shows us how the world could be fairer and happier if we opened our hearts to generosity. Sometimes, a simple gesture is enough to help those who seem to be in difficulty and this little girl knows it well.

The images demonstrate how a father and daughter are waiting for their sandwich in a fast food bar. Close to them, but at a safe distance, you can see the legs belonging to an old woman with a crutch. The father didn't even notice this discreet and humble presence behind him. 


The little girl, on the contrary, seems to have become perfectly aware of the situation and without thinking too much, she instinctively finds a solution to help the lady in difficulty. When she is brought her tray, she simply decides to take it to the table next to her and invite the old lady to have dinner at her expense. The dad, who now realizes what happened, is amazed at his daughter's empathic reaction.

With a kiss he reassures her and joins them in an unusual dinner, but one full of love.

This gesture has been rewarded on social networks by a large number of views, and why not, as we don't witness such sweetness every day. "The world would be different if we all behaved like this" writes a user moved by watching this video "Of course this doesn't change things, but our hearts would be infinitely better!"

In short, a small gesture that shows us how simple it is to be generous with others!

You can see the original video here.



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