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"I don't want children at my wedding!":…
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"I don't want children at my wedding!": Bride asks guests to leave their children at home

August 25, 2021 • By Alison Forde

That the wedding day is the most important in the life of the bride and groom is a well-known thing, but this does not entitle the parties directly concerned or the organizers to make the guests uncomfortable or embarrassed with absurd requests aimed at making sure the day of celebration is the most perfect ever. The truth is that perfection in Nature and in the life of human beings does not exist; but go tell it to Rox Quintana, an American chef who said she doesn't want kids and toddlers around on her wedding day...

via: Twitter

A popular influencer on social media, Rox Quintana said in one of her recent posts that she would not want children snapping at her heels during her wedding day; she thinks in fact that most small children, during events like these, would do nothing but sleep or cry, or even make a mess. According to Rox's idea, the wedding, meaning the religious ceremony and then the reception, are events generally designed for adult guests, and it's better not to bring little brats who would do nothing but make that very special day into a real hell. But there are those who did not agree with Rox Quintana's suggestions. 

Many users have sided with the woman, arguing that actually for a parent invited to a wedding, bringing with him one or more rather "capricious" children would be a burden and an embarrassment, while others have done nothing but rail against the words of the American chef, arguing that many guests who are mothers or fathers would necessarily have to bring their children with them to the happy event, because they would not know who to leave them with otherwise ...


The fact is that Rox Quintana's very peremptory and questionable words have created discussion on the web, igniting tempers and creating one or more factions and lines of thought: what are we to conclude, is it therefore recommended to take small children with you to a wedding? After all, if a person who is about to get married told you in these exact words: "They'll hate me, but I don't want children at my wedding", how would you react?

Would you comply with the request from the future bride, albeit questionable, or would you make her understand that it is not exactly the right choice?


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