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A puppy is euthanized at a kennel but…
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A puppy is euthanized at a kennel but wakes up after a few minutes: a family adopt him

August 18, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The history of this puppy is no different from that of many other abandoned puppies: having not found an owner, these animals remain for a short time in their cages and - after some time - are put to sleep forever. A solution that leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, even for workers and veterinarians who try to take care of them all, but, unfortunately, is essential to maintain a certain balance inside the kennels which are always at risk of being too crowded. However, the story of this puppy, however, took an unexpected turn.

Like every first day of the month, the kennel veterinarian had to evaluate how many animals would remain in the kennel and which of them had been in custody for too long. A small black puppy, already residing in the kennel for too many weeks, was immediately placed at the top of the list of dogs to be killed.

With a heavy heart, the vet had to inject the dog with a lethal dose of sedatives. Once asleep, he left the puppy on the bed waiting for the animal's breathing to slowly fade and his spirit to leave him forever. "Even though it's routine operation for a kennel," the doctor later said, "it is something that always leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. So I went away to carry out the other daily activities".


However, once back in the room, the vet was greeted by the little dog wagging his tail. A little stunned, of course, but alive and well. At this point, the doctor - surprised - was moved by the vital force demonstrated by the puppy. So he told this story on Facebook, asking users for help and explaining that he did not feel able to repeat the euthanasia on his little friend. Thanks to a failed euthanasia attempt, the puppy received many requests for adoption and, in the end, was adopted by a man from Colorado.

Unfortunately, most of the stray dogs have been abandoned by their owners. Recall that this type of behavior, in addition to being a reprehensible act from a moral point of view, is considered a serious criminal offense in many countries. How can people manage to abandon a puppy like this?

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