This woman is 74 years old, but she looks much younger: she hasn't eaten sugar for at least thirty years -
This woman is 74 years old, but she…
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This woman is 74 years old, but she looks much younger: she hasn't eaten sugar for at least thirty years

July 31, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When it comes to diets and physical fitness it is always good to turn to specialists and avoid doing things on your own. Suddenly eliminating a food from your diet doesn't seem like a good idea, unless you are certain that that food is bad for your health, of course. Many stars, however, pride themselves on finding incredible benefits in the most disparate diets, enormously influencing those who, in the simplicity of their daily lives, would do anything to lose a few pounds. Carolyn Hartz is 74 years old and her physical shape is truly enviable. In short, just look at her photos to see that she is not a seventy-year-old like any other. Her secret? The woman is convinced that the key to everything was the elimination of sugar, many years ago, but many web readers claim that it's her constant physical activity and her various aesthetic enhancements that have brought about this "miracle".

Whatever the truth, there is no doubt that Carolyn Hartz absolutely doesn't show her age and that her physique doesn't look anything like that of a seventy year old. Carolyn is an Australian woman who, by her own admission, consumed so many sugary products - too many - to such an extent that she, at the age of 41, she discovered she had prediabetes. This is a condition where blood sugar is higher than normal, but it is not yet high enough to diagnose diabetes. For her, Carolyn was certainly an important wake-up call, which allowed her to take better care of herself.

Regardless of the medical aspects, which the woman may have agreed with her doctors, Carolyn is convinced that eliminating sugar from her life has allowed her to stay in great shape. That's why she has reinvented herself as an entrepreneur and creator of the "Perfect Sweet" brand, Australia's leading supplier of natural, sugar-free, xylitol-sweetened foods. Of course, excessive consumption of refined sugars is not healthy for the body, but before deciding whether to use a particular sweetener, it is always advisable to speak to your doctor or nutritionist. 


But, in addition to a healthier diet, Carolyn also does a lot of physical activity, putting her energies into yoga and fitness. The woman is very popular on social media but, despite her success, she has also received some criticism from those who accuse her of spreading false beliefs: the reason why she is in great shape is that she spends her days taking care of herself, playing sports and planning her next cosmetic touch-up. Of course, Carolyn has enough money to spend her days like this. 

Another piece of advice that this woman, as well as the mother and grandmother of various grandchildren, feels like sharing with others is the need to balance career and family, without ever neglecting the time spent with those we love. And, of course, without ever neglecting yourself.

In short, we cannot say that sugar is the source of all evil, but this woman has certainly found good fortune by eliminating it.



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