He's one of the largest Great Danes…
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He's one of the largest Great Danes in the world but he is "afraid" of small dogs: "He wouldn't hurt a fly"

August 19, 2021 • By Alison Forde

We often see scenes between canines that surprise us: tiny dogs challenging huge dogs and very often managing to scare them. How is it possible? Don't they realize that the bigger dog could crush them with just one paw? Although the opponent is much taller and perhaps much scarier, small dogs often insist on bullying the bigger ones. And it is precisely this type of "bullying" that Thunder is the victim of, a Great Dane over 2 meters who, at the sight of a smaller dog, seeks shelter in the arms of his mistress ...

via: Mirror UK

Thunder is 2.15 meters, a Great Dane who has lived with his owners in Ontario, Canada for eight years. Even as a pup, his size was considerable, suggesting how big he would become once he reached adulthood. Jenny Saccoccia and her husband Chris, the "parents" of this giant, were well aware of the future size of their puppy, and decided to take him home with them anyway.

Over the years, the puppy actually grew out of all proportion to incredible heights when standing on its hind legs. Despite his dizzying height, Thunder has remained a super affectionate puppy inside, almost unaware of his size. Given his playful spirit, Thunder is loved by everyone, especially by children with whom he enjoys playing.

His height leaves everyone in disbelief, including the vet who at each visit remains visibly open-mouthed. He wouldn't hurt a fly. If you yell at him, he will sit disconsolately in a corner and turn his face towards the wall. We pamper him because he is so good and so kind. He tries to sit on my lap because he doesn't realize how big he is and without doing it on purpose, he's made me fall so many times” explains his owner.

During his walks in the open air he is often mistaken for a horse by passers-by and by the owners of other dogs. Indeed, his size can easily be deceiving. However, while his height may amaze people who see him pass by, it doesn't seem to be a problem for his smaller sized peers. A crooked glance from a pug is enough to make Thunder run to his masters. It's therefore very difficult for the giant to remain relaxed in the park, where he often seems to be “discriminated” against by other dogs because of his height.

But Thunder doesn't let himself be put down for so little, and his sweet soul makes not only his owners happy, but also their little grandchildren, who are eager to visit him on weekends.



Thunder's enormous size, however, is not accidental: he comes from a long lineage of "giant" dogs. The father, in fact, is a dog winner of numerous exhibitions as are his ancestors.

Surely Thunder's character does not seem to be to follow in his father's footsteps, preferring the sofa or playing in his large backyard rather than training to become a champion in canine contests: but after all, who can blame him!


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