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A bus station welcomes stray dogs in…
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A bus station welcomes stray dogs in the area by offering them a warm blanket to sleep on

December 03, 2020 • By Alison Forde

When cold seasons arrive and night temperatures plummet, homeless and stray animals suffer. Although the emergency of homelessness in people has always been an important point of discussion, there are also many, many four-legged friends who need attention from the community. For example, a Brazilian bus station has decided to shelter stray dogs in the area from the cold of winter in their own way ...

What happened is that some employees of the Barreirinha bus terminal in Curitiba, Brazil, provided some spaces for stray dogs in the area to sleep wrapped in a warm blanket. Now, these generous employees have three four-legged "guests" every day: Max, Pitoco and Zoinho.

Fabiane Rosa thought to immortalize these sweet stray dogs sleeping placidly in this bus station in her post on Facebook: "Congratulations to the bus terminal staff, everyone understands that these sweet animals are there and have the right not to suffer from the cold. Many companies in Curitiba could follow this example by adopting a pet. Obviously it is not ideal for them, but at least there are those who are taking care of them."

A gesture of great kindness that was immediately noticed and which, thanks to the photographs taken by Fabiane Rosa, immediately spread around the internet!


All our four-legged friends deserve a place to live away from the street and under a warm and comfortable roof ...

... perhaps these three dogs haven't yet found a forever family, but this cozy bus station is offring them some shelter!

 What a marvellous idea!

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