At 5 he took a picture with a flight attendant: 15 years later they became colleagues and posed together again -
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At 5 he took a picture with a flight…
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At 5 he took a picture with a flight attendant: 15 years later they became colleagues and posed together again

August 04, 2021 • By Alison Forde

How many times have we heard that some encounters are simply meant to happen? There are those who believe in destiny and those who, on the other hand, think that some events are just simple coincidences. Well, if you also belong to the latter category, after reading this story is likely that you will begin to believe in fate.

In 2019, student Xu Yang Feng was 20 years old and attending the third year of the Civil Aviation Flight Academy of China. When in October of the same year he began his internship as a flight attendant at China Eastern Airlines, he never imagined that he would have as a colleague Ms. Fang, a flight attendant with whom he took a photo 15 years earlier, at the only age of 5, during his first flight.

Xu's first flight was truly memorable, completely meaningful; this is because, although at the time he was only a child, that experience remained so impressed in his heart that he realized that, when he grew up, he would like to be a flight attendant. In 15 years he never changed his mind, not even once.

During the internship, Xu, unaware of what would happen next, decided to share the photo taken with Fang years ago with his colleagues. When the supervisor of the company saw her he was stunned: he immediately recognized the flight attendant and was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the woman was still present in the crew.


At that point, the supervisor thought it would be nice to have them meet again, after all what are the chances that this could happen? During the meeting, although she had met thousands of faces in her long 20 years of flying, the hostess perfectly remembered that child and that day many years ago: "He was an adorable and chubby child".

That fateful encounter had to be immortalized and, although the airline had made some changes to the plane's design, they both thought it would be a great idea to recreate that old photo, reproducing the same, identical positions. Xu could not hide his emotion: "The feeling I felt then is the same as I still feel today."



Even the airline's upper management were pleasantly surprised by this adorable coincidence. Because of this, they thought it was a great idea for Xu to complete his internship under Fang's guidance.

Their paths were probably destined to cross again; and who knows, maybe they will never lose sight of each other again. Could this be just the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

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