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At 5 he took a picture with a flight attendant: 15 years later they became colleagues and posed together again

How many times have we heard that some encounters are simply meant to happen? There are those who believe in destiny and those who, on the other hand, think that some events are just simple coincidences.…

China: Over 20,000 people waiting in line for a park to reopen after months of mandatory quarantine

While the rest of the world is closing down all non-essential businesses and enforcing mandatory quarantine due to the Coronavirus, China is starting to reopen some of its public services. Finally, after…
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Every day for 6 years, this boy has carried his best friend on his back to allow him to attend school

An adage says "Whoever finds a friend, finds a treasure", but in order to be universally valid, it would be necessary to specify: whoever finds a "true" friend. Friendship is, in fact, a precious bond,…

20 famous Confucius quotes that will make you reflect on your life

Confucius was a Chinese philosopher who lived between 600-500 BC and whose thinking has profoundly influenced the development of culture, history, and lifestyles of most Asian countries. Consequently, any…

The images of these women before and after makeup show us all the power of cosmetics

Few women are more obsessed with makeup than Oriental women, especially the Japanese and South Korean women. The cosmetic market in Asia is ever changing and constantly booming, and often also dictates…

A couple discovers thanks to a photo that they were in the same place 10 years before meeting each other!

Mr. Ye and Ms. Xue have been together since 2011, when they met in the city where they still reside today, namely, Chengdu in China. Browsing through old photo albums, however, they made a very curious…
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