Twin sisters date identical twins: those who meet them on the street think they're "seeing double" -
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Twin sisters date identical twins: those…
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Twin sisters date identical twins: those who meet them on the street think they're "seeing double"

July 28, 2021 • By Alison Forde

We present two engaged couples who, every time they walk down the street, leave people who don't know their incredible story speechless: are they seeing double or are their eyes deceiving them? Well the answer is that the people on the street are seeing perfectly well, it's that the two couples look almost identical. Yes, because they are two identical twins who are happily engaged to another two identical twins in turn: a practically incredible story!

The two sisters are called Venessa and Kerissa D'Arpino, they live in the US state of Oregon, and both work as personal trainers in a gym. They have always been very close sisters, they have never quarreled and are more like close friends than sisters; their romantic story went around the world precisely because it is so rare that many at first could not believe it: what are the chances of two identical twins, both sisters, first dating and then becoming engaged to two identical twins at the same time?

Venessa recalled their incredible story as she told in detail how they initially met Jacob and Lucas Sealby, both sports doctors: "My sister and I grew up as best friends and we have always been close to each other. The story of how we met is really a one in a million thing. One of my clients is a nurse who treated Lucas in the hospital emergency room, she told me he was a twin and she thought the two boys would get along very well with me and my twin sister; I gave her permission to give him my number and Lucas contacted me the next day. "

When the four met, it was love at first sight for each of them; after less than a week of dating Venessa and Lucas got together, as did Kerissa and Jacob!



After only three months of engagement, the four identical twins have decided to take a big step towards their romantic relationship: they have taken a house and now they all live together, under the same roof: "Of course, we know what my sister and I look like, so we don't confuse each other. But for strangers we meet in public, we've been told it's like seeing double, as we're two pairs of identical twins, it can be really hard for others to tell each other apart. Now that all four of us we live under the same roof, we are more united than ever!", said Venessa.

And when asked if they have thought about organizing a double wedding in the future, the answer was: "We haven't thought about it yet. At the moment it's not in our plans, but never say never!" 


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