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A single mother used to sell bread to…
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A single mother used to sell bread to pay for her studies: today she has fulfilled her dream of becoming a teacher

July 23, 2021 • By Alison Forde

"Desire is power" is one of the most over used phrases today. However this motto has becomes a real religion for some people. Amelia Ruiz Villaverde lives in Paraguay, is 26 years old, has an 11-month-old son and has only one goal: to pass her certification to become a teacher. To support herself financially and achieve this scholastic success she decided to sell bread and other food on the streets of her city.

Despite all the difficulties encountered, this young woman has shown great determination and can be considered a true example for everyone to follow.

via: La Nacion

It seemed impossible, and in fact...

With no money, no job and being single mother: Amelia Ruiz Villaverde - a 26-year-old single woman with an 11-month-old baby - was certainly not in an enviable or financially well-off position. Yet thanks to her will of her iron she managed to obtain a degree by finishing a higher education course for teachers. But where did she get the money for her studies?

Amelia managed to pay for her tuition and books by selling soups and loaves on the streets of her town, made with traditional Paraguayan dough made with cassava and cheese, called “chipa”.


Thanks to a post on Facebook in which she told her story, Amelia Ruiz has become an example of success in Paraguay, representing all those people who, despite the adversities of life, manage to get what they want most.

“Today I can proudly say,“ I did it!” Despite all those days of anguish, cold and tears. There were days when I thought, while selling chipa, 'Will I be able to do all of this'? in order to reach one of my first goals. If you get it into your head that you can do it, nothing is impossible. It just depends on you. " wrote Amelia.


Discipline is always repaid...

After all, being a teacher had always been this girl's dream; a profession that we consider indispensable for the growth of society. Having become a celebrity in Paraguay, Amelia was interviewed by the major newspapers in the country. In the newspaper La Nación del Paraguay, Ruiz said that it's very difficult to juggle the tasks of mother, worker and student, and that everything depends on "good time management and family support".

An iron discipline that Amelia has exercised for several years, studying from 7 in the morning til 3 in the afternoon and then going out to sell her bread.


To make things even more difficult, there was also the pandemic. Amelia was forced to take most of the lessons on her cell phone because she didn't have a computer. This was also a serious handicap for her studies and for the written exams.

However, all this did not stop the young mother, who stubbornly insisted on her path. Her tenacity and her courage have today been rewarded with the opportunity to take up a job as a teacher. Congratulations Amelia!


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