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His owner goes under water: the dog's…
Cook bacon in the microwave on a upside down bowl: what an AMAZING idea! She's persuaded by her husband to get on the ride ... but it's NOT a good idea!

His owner goes under water: the dog's reaction will make you smile !

Despite his owner was not exactly drowning, this dog didn't want to take any chances. After watching him for a few seconds as he plunged into the water, he didn't hesitate to jump into the pond to bring him to safety. Is there a better way than this to prove that dog is man's best friend?
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Husky sings better than Bieber !

This dog certainly has a talent. Some dogs more than others, demonstrate an abilty to repeat or to accompany some of the melodies. In this case it is almost difficult to distinguish the voice of the dog…
May 23, 2014

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