She finally becomes pregnant at 48 after suffering 18 miscarriages -
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She finally becomes pregnant at 48 after…
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She finally becomes pregnant at 48 after suffering 18 miscarriages

July 31, 2021 • By Alison Forde

For a woman with a very strong maternal instinct, having a child is the achievement of the most important goal of her life; but imagine instead the ordeal and the suffering that a woman suffering from infertility must undergo before being able to have a child of her own; between experimental therapies and other shortcuts, it's never easy to follow a path that precludes getting what you want for a lifetime. Yet miracles sometimes happen in life...

via: TODAY

This is the incredible story of Louise Warneford, a British woman who for 48 years of her life tried to fight her infertility and have a baby in every way possible; after 18 miscarriages and over 16 years in which she tried to get pregnant, a truly unexpected miracle has arrived. Louise knew perfectly well that it would be virtually impossible to have a baby of her own, which is why she had given up all hope, but just before she turned 49 her dream finally came true: she and her husband Mark were about to give up when they met Dr. Hassan Shehata on their way, an obstetrician / gynecologist who diagnosed Louise with an increase in NK cells, those that are part of the immune system and help the body fight infections; according to medical research, they could, in some cases, be responsible for causing recurrent miscarriages in women who have infertility problems. 

The woman who was about to turn 49 was treated with a combination therapy of steroids and anticoagulants, and via a donor embryo, as they had tried many times before but without any success, she finally achieved a pregnancy and carried it full term; for Louise, it was the first time she successfully survived 14 weeks of pregnancy without miscarriage and in June 2016 she gave birth to a healthy baby at 37 weeks gestation, named William.

The little one is now a child of over 5 years, very healthy and full of joy, a real miracle, as his mother Louise and father Mark called him, which rekindled happiness for the couple who prior to 2016 had lost all hope of having a child.


Of course, as science points out, what ultimately happened to Louise Warneford is very rare, the British woman was truly lucky to have managed to carry on a nine-month pregnancy without complications. Sure, it's been 16 years since she first tried to get pregnant and sadly there have been 18 miscarriages in between, yet the miracle of life has finally come true.

Congratulations to this wonderful family!



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