This 5-year-old has called an ambulance…
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This 5-year-old has called an ambulance to save her father, maintaining an enviable calm

July 29, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Staying calm while a parent is in trouble is by no means easy, especially if a 5-year-old has to handle the situation alone. Savannah, however, not only saved her dad who couldn't breathe by calling the emergency number, but she also managed to keep unusually calm, reassuring her dad that she "will be fine" . It all started with the phone call made by the child to urgently request help and continued with a chat to the limit of the absurd with the telephone operator who tried to keep the child focused on her father's condition. A phone call that moved and amused the audience at the same time. Little Savannah's dad is fine and it's all about her and her cool head.

When the operator Jason Bonham asked Savannah what the problem was, the little girl replied calmly: "Umh ... my father can't breathe. It's urgent ... he needs oxygen!". Bonham asked the child how old she was and if the door of the house was locked or not; the child asks her father and then reports: "The door is locked". The operator then explains to her how she should open it, so that the paramedics can come in to rescue her dad as quickly as possible. As she followed the simple instructions, Savannah continued to comfort her dad: "Don't worry dad, everything will be fine!" Savannah then answered all of Bonham's subsequent questions: "Can you ask your father if this has ever happened to him before? Ask him if he has pain in his chest." The little girl's answers were quick: "No, so far everything had always gone well. It's his first time. Yes, he has pain in his chest." 

It was imperative for Bonham that the little girl stayed with her father until help arrived, so he kept asking her questions to keep her focused. The little girl, however, at one point seemed particularly worried that she was in her pajamas: it didn't seem like a presentable look! The little girl told Bonham that she wanted to go to her room to change because she wanted to be ready when help arrived, but the operator asked her to stay with her daddy: an almost comical moment! The child then shifted her attention to the family dog: "Uhm..we have a dog ... it's very small!"; "Is he a friendly dog?" Bonham asks her, - "Yes!".

Fortunately, the rescue services arrived in time and Savannah's father recovered from the illness without any consequences, but the phone call made by the child was recorded and published on different platforms, sparking the admiration and amusement of many people. We recommend you listen to it here.



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