16 brilliant photomontages that show…
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16 brilliant photomontages that show how time passes inexorably even for show business stars

July 12, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Imagine being able to travel back in time and meet yourself younger: what would you say to the version of yourself which was a few years younger? Would you convince them to change their life path to try to influence your future, or would you approach them as if they were stars and take a cute selfie? Of course, such a paradox is only a matter of our wildest imagination, yet there is a Dutch artist named Ard Gelinck who, thanks to his extraordinary talent in using Photoshop, has combined the portraits of some of the most famous stars of show business with images of them from of a few years ago.

A photographic and artistic experiment that manages to illustrate better than others how time passes for everyone, even for the celebrities who seem to be untouchable by the inexorable passing of the days, transforming the appearance and personality of anyone, without exception.

Do you recognize him?

He's one of the most beloved Hollywood stars of recent decades: it's Richard Gere, who hasn't lost even a shred of his charm and attractiveness right now.

She took her place beside her husband who made history in the United States of America

The woman in the photo is Michelle Obama, and next to her there is not one of her two daughters, but a much younger version of herself: all thanks to Ard and his talent with Photoshop!


We were already speaking of Michelle Obama...

And so we couldn't miss out on, Barack, one of the most beloved US presidents of recent decades: what is he saying to the young boy he used to be?

With his extravagant music he changed things forever in the 70s

But it is he, the legendary and unforgettable David Bowie: he was fascinating and hypnotic before, and as he got older he still was!

Loved by old and young

 It seems that time has stood still for Will Smith: our compliments!


A very verstile actor who has entertained generations of fans

A chameleon-like actor, who from being a fine young man at the end of the 80s has become a beloved and talented quick-change artist!

Lei è unica ed insostituibile

 Julia Roberts remains an icon of style and beauty: now as in years before!


The evolution of Michael Jackson through the years

 From child star to King of Pop: he'll never be forgotten!

Another icon of modern music

 do you know her? Yes it's Tina Turner!


The charm of this actor never fades

 Now as then, Brad Pitt is among the most beautiful and envied American actors of all time, by men and women!

Who hasn't fallen in love with George Clooney?

When he debuted on TV in the 90s he made manyl viewers fall in love: now, with a few more years on the clock, he's still a pretty sight! 

The history of music

Among the few surviving members of the Beatles band, Paul McCartney still manages to look like a real rock star! 

Who doesn't love this guy?

Tom Hanks, multi-faceted American actor who has won multiple Academy Awards, we loved him yesterday as we love him today! 

Although he is no longer with us, he is loved by young and old for his immortal music

The one and only Freddie Mercury who "embraces" his younger self thanks to the magic of Ard! 

A chiselled Clint Eastwood

 A tough guy charm that has always been maintained over the years, no doubt about it!

And finally...

Two generations of Madonna in the same photo: she too is a timeless diva of pop music! 


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