The school organizes a parade with the parents' cars: not having one, a father arrived with his bicycle -
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The school organizes a parade with the…
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The school organizes a parade with the parents' cars: not having one, a father arrived with his bicycle

July 13, 2021 • By Alison Forde

What wouldn't a father do for his children; the most obvious answer would be "anything and everything", and it is the pure and hard truth. If you are a parent, you would do anything to preserve the well-being and happiness of your little ones, even when economic hardships may not allow it. There is a Mexican dad who went around the web for his moving gesture towards his two children: unable to afford a car, he participated in the end of the school year parade with his special bicycle!

via: Milenio

The images come directly from the town of Saltillo in Mexico, where the close of the 2020-2021 school year has been traditionally celebrated with a colorful and fun caravan of festively dressed cars with lots of colorful balloons hanging from the windows. Many of the cars that make up this festive caravan belong to the parents of the little pupils at the local elementary school who organized the celebration, but the father who moved everyone did something really special ...

Not being able to afford a car and always using his bicycle to get around, he literally joined the festive caravan of cars with his three-wheeled means of transport, also decorating it with colorful balloons and participated in his own way in the end of school celebration.

Tania Coronel, a woman from Saltillo witnessed the whole scene and was able to take these moving photographs with her camera phone, which quickly made the rounds of the Internet. She noticed the touching gesture of this father with financial problems: "How nice to see how deep and true a father's love can be for his children. They may not be perfect, but parents love them exactly as they are; this father with a heart of gold should be taken as an example!"

The solidarity of the web has managed to raise money to help this caring dad buy a car of his own: with over 2,000 people who have pledged to donate 50 Mexican pesos, the man would have 100,000, enough to buy a car for himself.

After all, a father so supportive and loving towards his children, deserves it!

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