She spent £ 20,000 on plastic surgery…
He finds 1000 euros on the street, but returns it: it was 2 months worth of an old woman's income He lived more than 40 years in the jungle far from society:

She spent £ 20,000 on plastic surgery because she wants to find a boyfriend, but has still been single for years

July 10, 2021 • By Alison Forde

We all go through, to a greater or lesser extent, moments when we feel uncomfortable with our body. We may have felt ugly and unlovable during our teenage years, and feared we had no hope of finding a boy during our high school years. But, like all unpleasant experiences, they eventually pass. Céline Centino, however, must have gone through some really bad days when she was 16: the young woman was often bullied for her appearance, so much so that, as an adult, she decided to spend all her savings on surgery to completely change her appearance. One of her biggest wishes was to find a guy to share her life with, but she felt too ugly to be successful in this quest, so she wanted to remedy the problem by going all the way. The result? She is now a beautiful model, but no man has the courage to commit to her because they are afraid of her: "she is too beautiful".

The young twenty-six year old Céline Centino, who on Instagram boasts an audience of 500 thousand followers, has completely made over her face and body to improve, according to her, her own look. To do this, Céline spent around £20,000 - all the money she had earned and saved while working as a hairdresser. Surely, she has achieved her purpose as she is now a successful model and most importantly she claims to feel perfectly comfortable with the new version of herself. Those who don't feel very comfortable, however, are the men who would like to approach her but who feel intimidated by her magnificent appearance. Céline, who was bullied in her teens because of her looks, has definitely "avenged" herself, but now she risks being left without a man by her side. The woman hoped that by radically changing her appearance, she would more easily find a man to share her life with, but things have so far proved much more difficult.

Apparently, several guys she dated were very nervous at the start of each date. This may be nice at first, but if it then translates into a lack of commitment and distrust on the part of the man, then it certainly cannot be said that Céline has "won". Yet this girl describes herself as a person who "does not judge" by appearances, precisely because as a child she was always criticized for this. Céline doesn't have an ideal boyfriend in mind, but she hopes to find someone who makes her laugh and who (the only requirement) is at least taller than her. Will she be able to find him?


In the meantime, Céline is happy to have a family behind her who love her and many friends who support her. She also took a little revenge on the bullies who tormented her: some of them have been resentful since she became famous and even dared to follow her on Instagram, but she, rightly, preferred to ignore them without even wasting time. "I'm fine with them buying my photos and following me as a fan," said Céline, - but nothing more.

What do you think of this girl's transformation?


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