She gives birth to her son and then…
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She gives birth to her son and then locks herself up in the house with the babysitter to isolate herself from the family

July 06, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Are you familiar with the postpartum confinement technique? It was born and developed mainly in the countries of Asia and consists in the self-reclusion of the new mother as soon as she returns home after having given birth; in these days of isolation, the mother is locked in the house alone with her child and a babysitter, who can be a close relative of her choice or a nurse or postnatal care specialist. A very popular woman on the internet told about her very unusual post-partum experience, stating that she benefited greatly from it.

Kathy Fang, a web influencer and professional cook, wanted to tell her followers about her postpartum confinement experience, recommended by her Chinese family before the baby's arrival. This particular technique, which is not very common in Western society, involves the presence in the house, together with the new mother, of a babysitter who helps the woman in all matters, including that of looking after the newborn baby in the best possible way.

In addition, this Asian technique requires the mother to follow a very strict diet; her meals should consist of whole grains, lean proteins, and steamed vegetables. Oil and salt are generally banned for the entire period of confinement, while frequent consumption of soups is recommended.

According to Kathy Fang, one of the most curious rules of postpartum confinement is that the mother doesn't wash herself with tap water from the bathroom, and that the babysitter prepares a special bath water prepared with a ginger infusion: "At what other time in your adult life will someone else take care of you and your child? It was a dream come true! The babysitter practically takes care of you. She prepares all your meals for you. Washes your clothes. Washes the bottles. Develops some sort of routine for the baby and keeps track of the times the baby goes to the bathroom so mom doesn't have to do anything. "


After finishing this period of isolation at home with only the company of her child and the babysitter, Kathy Fang is back living with her partner and all her family with a charge of energy that she did not think she possessed after giving birth to her son. After returning to social contact, Kathy took two months off and then returned to work more spirited than ever: apparently, this postpartum confinement has done her a lot of good!

Moms, what do you think of this Asian technique?


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