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Woman becomes a mother at 49: many criticize…
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Woman becomes a mother at 49: many criticize her and call her selfish

May 03, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Deciding to have a baby is one of the most beautiful thing in the world, but is also one of the most complicated. For some, there are no issues around this and they manage to face all the challenges with great fortitude; for others it is not like this and the difficulties they encounter along the way are numerous. From the moment of conception, some couples may experience problems and complications. Pregnancies are not always successful and, whilst trying to get pregnant, time passes and the ages of the future parents advances.

And this is like what happened to the woman we are about to tell you about in this story. She and her husband made many attempts to get pregnant, but never succeeded in reaching their goal. Read on to find out about this story and the family's background:

via: Mirror

The 49-year-old woman told her story on the social media platform, TikTok. In some videos she published, she often talked about the difficulties she encountered on the path to parenthood and the fact that doctors had  given her very little hope of being able to become a mother due to her age.

"When I was 41 years old, they told me that it would no longer be possible for me to conceive and that I would have to resign myself to the idea of never having a child ." In one of her videos, this woman tells of this bleak future, but, after a very short interruption, we see an image of her with a beautiful baby in her arms. The woman then explained about having made an important decision together with her partner: she decided to adopt a baby girl.

This is an admirable choice and it's also a bit risky, especially considering the age of the adoptive mother: 49 years old is fairly advanced in age. For her, however, this does not seem to be such a big and insurmountable obstacle on her way to motherhood, but many of the followers who learned of her story, they were not supportive of her choice.

"I hope you will live a long life - for the child's sake" - "That little girl will have a mother who will be too old" - "It would never have occurred to me to try such a selfish thing - I'm sorry for the little girl" - These are just some of the comments where there has been a clear outpouring of critisism for the woman's decision to become a mother at 49 years of age.

Fortunately, however, even if support for her decision was scarce, there were some who supported her: "I'm happy that someone gave that little girl a chance and adopted her" - "It's her ife and it's right for her to make decisions about it. I don't understand why some people are so rude "-" I'm glad this mom managed to make her dream come true ". Words of joy, happiness and support that cheered the woman up and gave her hope for the future.


Reading the messages of support and ignoring the criticisms gave this mother a a boost to carry on and face the challenges which lay ahead. And certainly, there will also be moments of happiness and joy in their lives, and not just negativity. On a regular basis, the new mother publishes updates about her family and the little girl on TikTok - and the child always seems to be calm and peaceful resting in her mother's arms.

We wish this little family all the best in their shared future.


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