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He goes to his stepdaughter's wedding…
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He goes to his stepdaughter's wedding but arrives late to his natural daughter's ceremony: she won't forgive him

July 04, 2021 • By Alison Forde

There's a widespread belief that a person who feels particularly guilty towards another, whether for an afflicted wrong or for a mistake committed, tends to give material things in the attempt to be forgiven. Is it ever true? In reality there is no exact science that confirms whether this widespread thought is true or not, but certainly the father who is the protagonist of this rather "embarrassing" story found himself in an uncomfortable situation from which he would have preferred to run away. ...

In a post on Reddit in which the father in question wanted to remain anonymous, the man told of having a biological daughter and a stepdaughter; the fact is that the two decided to get married not only in the same period, but also only one day apart from each other; already in this way the situation would be quite demanding for any self-respecting parent, but the real problem was that the two daughters would marry in two places that were thirteen hours apart from each other.

The father tried to please both daughters, since he would have to lead them to the altar, and so he tried to do. On the first day he attended his stepdaughter's wedding, while on the second he got into the car to drive 13 hours to reach the place where his natural daughter was to be married; however, during the car trip, the man got lost and was unable to arrive in time for the religious ceremony.

Obviously, the man's natural daughter was truly disappointed with her father and the fact that in the end he hadn't been there to accompany her to the altar on the most important day of her life; the man was visibly saddened by what had happened, but tried to remedy it: "I feel I have done my best to make my two daughters happy, but in the end I ended up disappointing one completely. My stepdaughter and her husband are were attacked online by my daughter's friends who believe she planned everything on purpose. To make up for it I gave my daughter and son-in-law some money to go to Japan, because it has always been their dream to visit there. I hoped they would have forgiven me, but my daughter refuses to consider any kind of forgiveness. The few times she's answered the phone she always ends up telling me about the wedding and gets mad at me again. "

The dad seems genuinely dismayed by what happened, yet many users on Reddit have not forgiven him for having "chosen" the marriage of the step daughter over that of the biological daughter. What do you think, the father was too naive or the daughter who does not want to forgive him is being too hard towards him?


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