She spends all her savings to become a single mother: "I don't need anyone!" -
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She spends all her savings to become…
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She spends all her savings to become a single mother: "I don't need anyone!"

July 05, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Not every woman in this world should automatically have maternal instincts; there are people who don't want to have children by personal choice without hurting the sensitivity and opinions of others, while others prefer to have children and raise them consciously without the help and presence of a partner. For example, the protagonist of this story, is a woman who, against the tide, has chosen to be a single mother and raise her child without the help of a partner.

Meet Michele Elizaga, a woman who independently chose not to have a partner and to spend all her money investing in sperm donor assisted conception to give her the much desired experience of motherhood: now, Michele is the happy (single) mother of Matthew, a child with Down syndrome.

This woman had always dreamed of finding the love of her life, of starting a family and sharing her joys and sorrows with a steady partner; but then, Michele turned 40 and decided that maybe she had spent too much time waiting for prince charming or at least for a person who could make her feel like she had met her match.


So, Michele made a bold decision: she spent the 5,000 dollars she had saved over the years by investing it in an anonymous sperm donor to have a child of her own: "I was in Costa Rica to celebrate my 40th birthday. We were talking about how much I would like to do it to become a mother and I was afraid that time was running out, then one of my friends said something that shocked me; they told me that I could have a child without needing a partner. The next day I woke up with the idea of having a baby and I felt the need to pursue this goal," said the woman. 


 Two years after her fortieth birthday, Michele has finally become the mother of little Matthew, a very sweet child born with Down syndrome; a surprise for this single new mother, but who certainly would not change her son for any reason in the world: "I would not change him for anything in the world and I could not imagine him in any other way. Motherhood was an experience that gave me power and I was amazed by my strength and ability as a mother of a child with special needs."

Now, this brave mom has a very popular Instagram channel where, between one photo shoot and the next, she talks about her experience of maternity without a partner and encourages all those women in the world who feel they have a very strong maternal instinct but who feel insecure about finding the perfect partner at all costs to follow their hearts and make a choice considered by many to be unusual.

What do you think of this woman's "counter-current" motherhood?


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