A randfather collects his granddaughter…
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A randfather collects his granddaughter from kindergarten and they give him the wrong child: he only noticed after half an hour

July 01, 2021 • By Alison Forde

A careless mistake can really happen to anyone, no one is completely exempt from it. What would life be like if we didn't make little mistakes? The only important thing, however, is to try to understand where the mistake was made and to do everything to make sure it does not happen again. Because it's our carelessness, our momentary inattention, that can do irreparable damage; just as happened to this poor grandfather, who took the wrong granddaughter home!

via: AGI

The big misunderstanding happened at a nursery school in the city of Arezzo, in Italy; the elderly relative of the two-year-old had gone to the school to fetch the little one; however, the first mistake he made was to ring the bell not at the kindergarten but at the nursery next door (his granddaughter was attending the first year of kindergarten, and no longer the nursery). When the door was opened, his granddaughter was delivered to him by a janitor and a teacher who was there at the time. A misunderstanding occurred that lasted about half an hour, when the apparently unsuspecting grandfather returned home and saw his family turned pale: the child he was holding was not his granddaughter, but a smaller child!

The grandfather, realizing the mistake, immediately returned to the nursery to report the identity mix-up; meanwhile, the real granddaughter was still waiting for someone to pick her up from school while the real parent of the nursery baby was upset as her daughter had inexplicably disappeared from the school ...


How could this misunderstanding have happened? In reality there is a logical explanation, although not entirely justifiable; it seems that, in addition to the carelessness of the elderly relative, the school staff in the kindergarten handed the little one over too easily: after all, it seems that the two girls had the same name despite the fact that they attended different classes and were of different ages. This incident has led to disciplinary proceedings against the janitor and the nursery school teacher, given that a rule is in force that the relatives of the pupil must identify themselves with a delegated permission and an identity document, a procedure that seems not to have been followed to the letter by the two school employees.

Between a slightly too careless grandfather and two perhaps slightly negligent members of the school staff, who made the biggest mistake in your opinion?



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