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"Women are always right": a child's…
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"Women are always right": a child's answer to the math test assigned by the school

June 24, 2021 • By Alison Forde

And who said that the new generation of children is just addicted to technology and doesn't notice the reality that surrounds them? Perhaps some of these children will surprise us thanks to their thinking, their capacity for reasoning and discernment, while others will seem to have a much more adult outlook than their age would indicate. For example, this young anonymous student, whose answer to a mathematical problem has gone around the world and for a moment overrode any controversy concerning the difference between men and women in today's society ...

via: Milenio

The image which has been around the web and which has quickly gathered a lot of support concerns the answer written in pen by the child in question as the response to a mathematical problem, certainly a test that took place in class or as a school assignment to be done at home. The problem said: Sofía says that to buy a book that costs 3,990 dollars she needs 4 bills of 1000 and that they will give her the change. Javier tells her that 3 $1000 bills should be enough and they shouldn't give her change like that. Who is right?

The pupil's response was not long in coming, and it was practically brilliant, absolutely unexpected and worth framing!

Así de simple 😏

Pubblicato da LasUltimas su Giovedì 22 marzo 2018

In an absurd flash of clarity and great judgment, this child has given an answer to the mathematical question that should be hung on every wall of every school in the world: "Sofia is a woman and women are always right!"

Certainly this answer has nothing to do with the mathematical calculations that were required to get a good grade in the school subject, but we are sure that these peremptory words will have left even his math teacher stunned. After all, it really takes a very advanced type of mental maturity to respond in this way, especially if it is a boy who is doing it.

We don't know if the child obtained a good or bad grade after this sui generis "resolution" of the mathematical problem, but the fact is that their words managed to sweep away all the social differences between man and woman (very often the most mistreated) in a few seconds  which unfortunately still exist in many today's society!

Well done little one!


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