She thought she couldn't have children, but then suddenly gives birth in the bathroom after a night out -
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She thought she couldn't have children,…
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She thought she couldn't have children, but then suddenly gives birth in the bathroom after a night out

June 23, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Do you know people who suffer from endometriosis? This rare disease which affects women and can unfortunately have serious consequences on the fertility or otherwise of sufferers: there are in fact women with endometriosis who cannot have children or become pregnant, even if science and medical literature suggest that the percentage to whom this can happen is very low, it's not impossible. It's a medical rarity that happened to Carla MacPherson, a young woman of just over twenty who suddenly found herself with a newborn in her arms...

via: Mirror UK

Carla had known since she was 15 that she suffered from endometriosis and probably would not be able to have children, so when she met her current boyfriend Jaiden she told him that if things were going to go well between them and they wanted to build a life, she could not get pregnant. Thankfully, as Jaiden was also happy to remain childless. Both being young and without parental responsibilities, they used to go out at night and party with their friends, drinking alcohol and dancing until the early hours. One of those evenings, however, did not go as expected ...

Coming home after an evening of revelry, Carla felt that something was wrong: her belly hurt very much, the discomfort was unbearable and she began to sweat a lot; Jaiden advised her to lie down in bed and take painkillers, but Carla, in her pain, crawled to the bathroom and sat on the toilet bowl. She felt a strange need to "get rid" of something, so she began to push, until she saw a little head that was sticking out ...

image: Hotspot Media

Carla and Jaiden couldn't believe it: the woman, without her knowing it or noticing it before, had been pregnant for months and was now giving birth to a baby! The young man hastened to take the newborn baby in his arms, while Carla's mother, Fiona, called an ambulance to take her daughter to the nearest hospital. Despite everyone's disbelief, the young woman had given birth to a child, although she had been convinced for years that she would not be able to have any!

At the hospital, the doctors told her that suffering from endometriosis does not rule out the possibility, albeit rare, of becoming pregnant and that her case was pretty unique; the fact that the woman had not noticed anything after all this time was because her fetus had its back turned towards his mother's spine, thus hiding the classic baby bump. Now, little Oscar is two years old and Carla and Jaiden, the two completely surprised parents now know that their life has changed for the better: "Oscar is now two years old and in perfect health. I couldn't be happier with being a mom and can't wait to tell Oscar the story of how he came into the world!"

What an incredible story!


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