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"I could no longer bear the sound of…
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"I could no longer bear the sound of his voice": the words of an exhausted mother spark the debate

June 18, 2021 • By Alison Forde

We have already told you in the past how motherhood can be a double-edged sword for parents: on the one hand, it's one of the greatest blessings that Mother Nature has granted to human beings, on the other hand to raise, educate and take care of one or more children is never easy. There are many mothers who have resorted to psychotherapy or an outburst on social media to try to analyze their frustrations and their physical and mental fatigue after a long day in which they have sacrificed a lot of their time to look after their children ...

Many of these cries for help are greeted with empathy and understanding by people, while others do nothing but accuse these exhausted mothers of being negligent towards their children and of lacking not only maternal instinct but also a spirit of sacrifice and resignation. Unfortunately, the question is not always that simple. British writer Suka Nasrallah said in a post on Facebook how sometimes it is really hard to raise three children, and that the job of a mother can be exhausting, to the point of having the feeling of "hating" the children she is responsible for.

These are the words published by Suka that made web users think hard: '67 times. He called me 67 times while I was taking a shower. In fact I started counting in part, to keep calm and not scream, so it was probably more than 67 times (...) 67 times I heard him scream 'Mom' and knock on the bathroom door, while I was trying to relax behind the jet of hot water and drowning in my tears, because I could no longer bear the sound of his voice and didn't even have the will to answer him'.

All Suka wanted was 10 minutes for herself, and certainly her reaction has nothing to do with the infinite love she feels for her three children; yet, being on the verge of psycho-physical collapse is not an easy condition to deal with for a mother who has the feeling that she has sacrificed everything, perhaps too much of herself to keep the family going: "All I wanted was 10 minutes to myself, but clearly it was a lot to ask (...) 67 times that word rang in my ears. That's why mothers are so unstable sometimes. That's why we stay up late, knowing we'll regret it the next morning. That's why we react badly sometimes. That's why we are so sensitive. "


Suka's touching testimony tells once again how difficult a mother's work can be: being able to combine the upbringing of children with work and personal spaces is a miraculous act that rarely happens in everyday life. Often these busy and exhausted mothers are not understood, and are often inevitably pointed out as selfish women, without maternal instincts or willpower.

But the reality is that this is never really the case.

If we know of a mother who has difficulty in reconciling private life and personal space, we should offer them a practical helping hand, let them feel our closeness and our understanding. Let them understand that they are not alone and that we will always be there to support them.

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