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He is 124 years old and has lived in…
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He is 124 years old and has lived in three different centuries: "Of my whole family, I'm the only one left"

June 18, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Reaching the venerable age of 100 is a privilege that few can testify to have enjoyed, but imagine not only reaching 120 years but exceeding them by far and becoming eyewitness to not two but three centuries: the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Today we want you all to meet Don Manuel Garcìa, a man who has just turned 124 and lives in the province of Veracruz, Mexico, and who has become a real national legend and more!

His name is Don Manuel Garcia, he turned 124 and has experienced the great transformations of history with his own eyes: from the nineteenth century (the man was born in 1896), to the twentieth century and into the new millennium; a personal record that led him to blow out 124 candles and despite his venerable age, Manuel Garcìa still has a crystal clear memory.

His secret to longevity? As stated by the 124-year-old man, "work, eat well and avoid parties!"

Don Manuel Garcìa told of his life: "I was about twelve years old when my father passed away, but my uncles stayed with us to raise us. Even my brother is no longer here. Of the whole family, only I remain now. The good thing is that our father gave us a good example in life. He taught us that the most important things are to eat well, sleep and to avoid parties! "

During his very long life, Manuel has truly experienced great changes and enormous transformations in society: since he was born in long distant 1896, he has witnessed the arrival of electric light, the first cars with internal combustion engines, the birth of the telephone, to two world wars and now the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus around the world.



Obviously, having lived 124 years also means having built an extraordinary and very large family: Manuel Garcìa has 30 grandchildren and 40 great-grandchildren and has been married for 70 years to the same woman, Rosa Medino; For 11 years, the man of record age has lived in Ciudad Juarez with his daughter Tomasa: "Despite his age, my father is fine, he is in excellent health, he only has a persistent cough, but otherwise he's doing very well!"

Would you like to live up to 124 years of age with the same determination and energy as Don Manuel Garcìa: a long life well lived!


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