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"It's her duty": this mother has already…
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"It's her duty": this mother has already taught her 3-year-old daughter to clean and wash the house

June 17, 2021 • By Alison Forde

And you, what kind of mother are you towards your children? Are you a caring but permissive mother or are you a caring mother, but at the same time very strict? All in all, the upbringing of children from an early age is a topic that ignites heated debate every time: there are those who would like a softer approach towards our little ones, others a more strict and rigid one. The ideal probably lies in the middle and in the right measure, but the fact is that this mother has generated a lot of talk about herself, causing controversy and fierce criticism ...

via: The Sun UK

The woman is called Summer Thompson, she is 21 years old and she is the mother of a little girl named Luna, who is only three years old. The woman generated a lot of discussion about herself when she, interviewed by The Sun journalist Samantha Brick, revealed that she had antagonized many friends, acquaintances and relatives over time for being a mother who is a bit too strict. In fact, Summer has revealed that she has trained her daughter, who we remember is only three years old, to carry out some basic chores at home such as making her bed as soon as she wakes up, making her own breakfast, washing her cup when finished, putting the dirty clothes in the washing machine and, last but not least, vacuuming her bedroom.

Summer said: "When Luna gets up she has to make the bed. For breakfast she prepares her bowl of cereal. Then she puts it in the sink and washes it. She puts her dirty clothes in the laundry basket […] She knows that if she plays with her toys, she is then responsible for putting them away in order. They criticize me for not allowing her to have a normal childhood. Sure, she takes her time to play with her favorite toys. Sometimes she moans and fusses about chores , but it usually goes okay."

However, as Summer Thompson justifies herself, she is a great advocate of empowering children from an early age, to prepare them for the great work that awaits them in adult life; after all, as this rather loyal mother put it, "Just as children should know how to read and write, they also need to know how to clean and cook from an early age. As parents, our job is to prepare them for the responsibilities of adulthood. She was born a woman, so it's her duty."

These statements have caused a lot of discussion in Great Britain, where the woman lives, and have split public opinion; many of her relatives and friends consider her a too strict mother, who does not allow her three-year-old daughter to enjoy all the beauty and lightheartedness of childhood.


Of course, the truth in these cases is always in the middle, we need the right measure in every area of life, but many are convinced that this mother's methods are really over the top; responsibility yes, but in moderation.

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