Unleashed grandparents: 20 fearless…
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Unleashed grandparents: 20 fearless seniors who are the envy of the younger generation

June 28, 2021 • By Alison Forde

If you still had doubts about the saying "it's never too late", now you absolutely have to convince yourself that, deep down, there is some truth in it. To testify that there is no set deadline in life to achieve something extraordinary in their lives are these grandparents ready to give an example to their children and younger grandchildren. Immortalized in contexts, actions and situations typical of the younger generation, these elderly people have chosen not to give too much weight to their age and to enjoy life to the fullest, with tenacity, courage, determination and ... without fear of seeming to be going against the tide. These extraordinary grandparents will make you feel an awful lot of envy for what they have managed to do!

My grandfather is 91 and still knows how to waterski like a youngster

 Bless him, we feel quite envious!

My grandmother graduated at the age of 77

 By reaching this milestone, she became the oldest to receive a degree in the history from her university - congratulations!


There is no better way to celebrate your 60th wedding anniversary

image: Reddit

 My grandfather and grandmother dance better than me when I go to the disco!

You won't believe it, but my grandmother just turned 80 and she can still manage to do this!

image: Reddit

 And I, at my age, can't even do the splits properly without hurting myself!

What better way to spend time in lockdown?

image: Reddit

 My grandmother, who is 85, spent it in the best way: lifting weights and gaining muscle!


A stranger asked my grandfather if he needed to sit on the subway

 What you see in the picture is his eloquent answer: he doesn't need it at all!

My grandfather is 60 years old but he absolutely doesn't want to give up on his favorite sport

Look how he surfs on the waves of Kauai: he's a real legend!


My grandfather has always been passionate about art

 Despite his age, he still manages to make very beautiful and detailed paintings: here is one dedicated to Pope Francis!

My grandmother made us a promise

 If she reached 90 she would dyed her hair pink and get a mohawk: a promise kept with pride!


A very special grandfather

image: Reddit

 He had a cochlear hearing implant tattooed so as not to make his grandson feel alone: how sweet!

At 75, this grandfather still has his charm

image: ohno18/Reddit

Better than any sportswear model! 

60 years old and he carries it well!

image: Imgur

 Wow, we would love to have a physique like this at his age!

A grandmother who doesn't dress like one!

 She wears all the colors of the rainbow and boy can she carry it off: congratulations!

I'm telling you, this isn't my dad...

 This is my grandfather and he has just turned 72: but how did he get to his age and still look like this?

Compliments to the grandmother!

 We would also like to be capable of doing this at her age!

My grandfather still knows how to skateboard!

image: Imgur

 Check out his balance!

Real class is unmistakable

image: Imgur

 As this grandfather is ready to show us!

Look at that style!

My grandfather wearing my new sunglasses: a perfect pair!

I don't know how she does it

 She's 100 years old and can still do a plank for 30 seconds: simply incredible!

My favorite photo

image: glub15/Reddit

 Here is my 80 year old grandmother and me on one of the most adventurous days of our life: we went skydiving!


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