Grandmother cleans her grandson's PC…
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Grandmother cleans her grandson's PC with soap and water: "I'm removing the viruses"

August 24, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Grandparents definitely help to keep families together. They are central figures who often, and willingly, help us out. A grandmother can be told a lot of things, both by children and by adults, and she, with her great wisdom, will always be able to give us good advice. The important thing is that you don't ask a grandparent about technology. This was demonstrated by an elderly granny who was filmed by her grandson while she tries to clean the boy's laptop. In the video, you can see the grandmother with water, a sponge and soap, "cleaning" her grandson's PC, and who does not know whether to laugh or cry.

When Aarón Yera saw his grandmother, with the best of intentions, cleaning his computer with a sponge and soap, it was already too late. Seized by conflicting emotions - not knowing whether to laugh or cry - the young man decided to film the scene and publish the video to TikTok: "My grandmother is cleaning viruses from my PC ... my thesis was on the hard drive". Like any good grandmother, the old woman is shown intent on cleaning her grandson's computer thoroughly. Regretably, she doesn't know the serious damage she is doing to to the computer. Computers may contain viruses, it's true, but you certainly don't need soap and water to eradicate them from the machine.

Of course, this granny had no clue that there was very important personal data on the PC and, needless to say, she doesn't know it is a very expensive item. In short, it is obvious that a grandmother would never want to harm her grandchildren and Aarón Yara knows this. So, this is why preventive measures must be taken to avoid unpleasant accidents like this from happening.

Do you have any cute anecdotes about your grandmother, or your grandfather, struggling with technology? Tell us about them in the comments!

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