This 101-year-old woman asks her son to stop his car and starts playing in the snow like a little girl

by Shirley Marie Bradby

February 21, 2020

This 101-year-old woman asks her son to stop his car and starts playing in the snow like a little girl

Age, after all, is just a number. There are elderly people in this world who could give today's young people a very important life lesson that would make many members of the contemporary generation feel "old".

Actually, we are young as long as we feel young at heart and young in spirit—it is not physical because the body gradually deteriorates over time.

But when you are young at heart and spirit, then you can still feel energetic and young even at the venerable age of 101.

And you can still have the dreamy eyes of a child while looking at the magic of falling snow and marvel at the feel of a snowball in your hand just like Albina!

via ABC News


Here's proof that if you find pure joy in the simple things you can live a 100 years.

Pubblicato da Armand Foisy su Mercoledì 18 novembre 2015

In 2015, when Arman Foisy, was driving on the snowy roads just outside the town of Lillooet in British Columbia in Canada, his mother, Albina, who was at the time already 101 years old, forced him to pull over!
Of course, to make his elderly mother happy, he did what she asked and then he found himself experiencing a scenario that he had never expected and that left him speechless!
As soon as the car stopped, Albina quickly got out and all she wanted to do was take some of the soft white snow piled up on the ground into her hands to touch and play with it—and make a large snowball!
Surprised by this gesture, that may have seemed childish but was so full of vitality and young in spirit and heart that Armand decided to film his mother playing with the snow and to publish the video on Facebook where it obtained many favorable comments and over 170,000 shares.
The tender and moving images of Albina playing with the white snow "like a child" are proof that she is always young in heart and spirit, despite her age and physical appearance.
All we need to do is know how to see the world with new eyes full of wonder and amazement.