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"Life is too serious to be taken seriously!…
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"Life is too serious to be taken seriously! Never stop playing!"


According to many elderly people, who know how to face old age with grace and dignity, the secret is only one! Always keep the child within us alive! In fact, we become adults so that we can learn to live but remaining childlike helps us to survive.
For example, just look at this man! His name is Michael and his passion, even though he knows it is a bit reckless, are trampolines. Of course, he is not lacking in physical problems or sorrows, but jumping on trampolines makes him forget a lot of negative and annoying things! 

Perhaps, we can learn from Michael to just have fun regardless of the age on our birth certificate! Let's reflect on his final message, which he gives to us from a trampoline between one bounce and the other ...."Always remember, life is too serious to be taken seriously. Never stop playing!"


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