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That fleeting moment: 20 photos taken…
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That fleeting moment: 20 photos taken exactly one second before a disaster

June 14, 2021 • By Alison Forde

There are moments in life that are so unique that they must be immortalized by a photographic lens at all costs; among these moments, those that reach the most absurd and incredible peaks, there are undoubtedly the fleeting ones, which last only a few seconds, which perhaps occur a moment before an impending disaster. It's very difficult to take a decent photograph of these "fatal" seconds, but for the lucky few who have accomplished the feat, we dedicate this long list of images that have been immortalized by the camera lens a second before something irreparable happened.

After all, as they say, time is running out and we must always and in any case ... seize the moment!

I wouldn't want to be in this woman's shoes...

image: Imgur

What a trip, poor thing!

An apparently idyllic moment...

But watch carefully what is going on in the background: that woman is about to fall into the water!



Poor child, he doesn't know what's going to happen to him in the next moment ...

We just needed this little girl to make an epic fall!

Don't worry, she just slipped… on a LEGO brick!


image: Imgur

We wouldn't want to be in this girl's shoes: we're sure that ball in the face really hurt!


What a tasty looking dessert!

image: Imgur

But be careful it doesn't escape from your plate!

Losng at Jenga with little dignity.

Meanwhile, a castle of wooden bricks is about to fall ruinously on his head!


These friends were ready to take a selfie with the lake in the background ...

image: Imgur

... but one member was missing: look where he ended up!

Poor child!

image: Imgur

We didn't even have time to warn him about the sheet of ice that was there to take his feet from under him!


Perfect fun, until someone dropped a drink into the group photo ...

image: Reddit

Watch out for that cocktail, it's about to make a mess!

Out of the saddle!

That sheep literally bucked that poor little boy who just wanted to have fun!

Never trust a monkey...

image: Reddit

We would stay away from them if we were you, you never know when they want to attack and ... steal your sunglasses!

It was supposed to be a perfect photo with our dog, but ...

... he decided to shake off all the water onto us: what an incorrigible dog!

Some seconds before disaster...

Even the best sports champion does not escape random accidents ... and can end up with his face on the ground suddenly!

There was no escape from fate on that day!

Grandfather and grandchildren try to take a picture in a somewhat precarious position: taken at the right time in the right place!

Poor kid!

image: mthofi/Reddit

Everyone around her looks so happy and carefree, except that little one who is about to take an epic tumble from the swing!

Don't put too much trust in a toucan...

It could end badly!

Perfect timing!

If there had not been for the ready foot of this very fast dad ... who knows what would have become of this child when he fell off his bicycle!

Oh, now I can enjoy my ice cream ...

image: Reddit

Famous last words!

It was supposed ot be a perfect day at the sea, but instead...

... the canoe could not hold the weight of the passenger!

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