They follow a dog in the woods and find a lost 2 year old child -
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They follow a dog in the woods and find…
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They follow a dog in the woods and find a lost 2 year old child

June 16, 2021 • By Alison Forde

A parent's biggest nightmare is to lose their child or not to find them sleeping peacefully in their bed in the middle of the night: where can they have gone? Have they left the house alone? Has anyone kidnapped them? There are thousands of questions that a mother or father asks themselves when a child disappears, as well as the thousand questions that Chelsea Nobel will have asked herself, a mother who in October 2017 found her son William missing from his cot ...

via: Paw Buzz

Chelsea lives with her two-year-old son William in Harrison, in the US state of Mississippi, the little one is a child with non-verbal autistic syndrome, for this reason he must always be monitored by an adult so that he does not wander off and nothing bad happens to him and that someone is there to satisfy his requests and his needs. But that night in October 2017, William was no longer in his bed: where the heck had he gone? 

Chelsea couldn't believe that little William had run away from home, and to figure out where he might have gone, she called Harrison's local police cars to undertake a thorough search; including volunteers helicopters, everyone in the community set out to search the length and breadth of the wooded area near Chelsea's home, but there was no trace of the two-year-old autistic child.

Until some volunteers spotted traces of baby feet ...



Alongside them, there were also different tracks, particularly recognizable footprints: they were the footprints of a dog!

Most likely little William was not only not far away but he was not alone in the darkness of the woods in the middle of the night; the search was about to get closer to the truth and the whereabouts of the missing child, until it was William himself who got noticed without his knowledge. Thanks to Blake Carroll, a ten-year-old boy who lived in the area, the missing child was finally been spotted: he was inside Blake's uncle's old truck, honking the horn madly to be noticed by anyone who passed nearby; outside the truck, there was a wag tailed dog named Jezebel ...

Blake immediately called his uncle to rescue the missing child; later, police cars and all the authorities who had been alarmed that night rushed to the Carroll home to make sure that the child found was really William. The mother, distraught after seven hours of intense exploration in the nocturnal woods, as soon as she saw her child she immediately recognized her son: she ran to him and she did nothing but hug him tightly!

Despite a few little bruises and a few insect bites, William was fine and that was what mattered most of all at the time. If it weren't for that kind dog who never abandoned him on that journey in the middle of the night, he who knows if he would have made it all by himself.

But no matter, all is well that ends well: and for sure now mom Chelsea and all the Harrison police will be eternally grateful to Jezebel, the dog who protected little William in the woods!



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